Warmth (For Emiliano)

The city has
Grown cold

It was 90 degrees
A few days ago and
I found out that the
Meat market is shutting
Down after 30 years

All those soup bones
Destined for empty
Pots now with no
Place to go

Big bones
That melted into

My life’s
Marrow thick
In shadows

I walk in
Puddles of

And then it
Comes, some

I hear my
Name called

Not like in
The classroom
Where a wrong
Answer was expected

It’s a voice that
Knows me
Knows you
In a city that claims
It never did

And his voice
Breaks through
The cold air

And he remembers
Those things you

And somehow
Those candles that
Have been blown out
Come to life


He knows the fire
That’s in you because
The same fire is in

And you look
At him

And in him you
See your uncles,
Your father

And the song
Inside him
Comes out in
3 words

What’s happening man?

And his breath lights
That candle that has
Been out for too long

And suddenly
Your belly is
Filled with the
Warm broth

The marrow
To keep you

Bread broken
Bones mended

As you
Walk around
In the city

That has
Grown cold

© 2016 Tony Robles


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