One Life to Live (For my Aunt)

There she is
Busy making calls
Busy making the bed
Busy making sure
Things aren’t forgotten
Like the anniversary of
Grandma’s death and,
Of course, washing our
Hands before we come
To the table

Her knowledge doesn’t
Come from classrooms or
Scholarly journals

She knows everything
She can’t do

She’s been reminded
A thousand times

Yet is able to
Make something out
Of nothing

and her favorite
color is lime green

i swear, no one has
ever worn lime green
boots and scarves and
shirts and jackets so

(Key lime pie ain’t got nothin’ on my auntie)

Make sure you
Buy some more
Toilet paper, she

We’re out

And she asks
10,000 questions

How’s your mom?
How’s your dad?
You seein’ someone?
How’s work?
How’s your son?
Are you ok?
What movie did you see?
Did you eat yet?
Where did you get that coffee?
When did you get home?
What are you watching on tv?
What radio station are you listening to?
What’s that you’re reading?
What are you eating?
What’s eating you?
Did you remember to get the toilet
Paper like I asked?

That’s my aunt
With 10,000 questions,
Questions bleeding into
Questions and she always
Has a bandage when you
Need it

She cares, even when
I don’t, about what’s going
On in my life


And these aunts
And aunties

They care about
What’s going on
In your life


You only
Have one


© 2016 Tony Robles


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