Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy

By Tony Robles


I was on the city bus


I’ve spent my

Life on city



And the years pass

And the people pass

And some remain the same


And all of life’s

Situations and scenarios

Play themselves out in the

Seats, in the aisles and on

The poles


And after decades of

Being on buses, I’ve

Rarely met a person who

Was courteous


Somehow the bus

Is the living room of

Bad habits, the repository of

Petty trips and biases


And all the buses

I’ve taken have

Been in SF


And then….


I moved to



And started

Taking the bus


And it seems that

All the ex San Franciscans

Were on the buses


Especially black



And I took a ride

On the bus and the

People were down home


Voices coming

From deep places,



In spite of cell

Phones and tech



And I got to my

Stop and slowly

Walked to the

Back door exit


And standing there

Was a black brother

A couple years younger

Than me


He held the door

Open as I

Stepped down


Thank you,

I said


It’s all good,

He replied


And in that







© 2015 Tony Robles


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