The Strongest Woman in the World


You see all these guys

Walking around with

An assortment of

Things to prove


Many have big

Muscles and spend

Long hours in the gym

Lifting iron and hitting bags


Many have



My own father had

15 ½ inch arms, a

Narrow waist and

A well-defined chest


For his size, he

Could lift a

Tremendous amount

Of weight


Fellas, fellas

You got so

Much to prove


Let me tell you, I

Saw an elderly woman

In a Samoan church

This past Sunday


The choir sang and

The pastor said


Hallelujah, glory

Bitta God and let’s

Give each other a

Holy ghost high five

This morning


And that old

Lady, who wasn’t big

In the Samoan



Lifted her hands

Towards the sky

A bit closer to



Lifting the



And all of

You with




© 2009 Tony Robles



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