Carabao Necklace

I’d never seen

A mound of

Carabao shit


I’d never

Had a carabao



My eyes had

Never been

Crusted by

Carabao sleep


But the carabaos

And their spirits

Trudge along

6th Street


The smells of

Filipino lives rising

Like fog from breath

Commiserating in

Pots of rice


I bought a

Carabao necklace

That fit nicely around

The stump of my neck


And I sat as its horn

Shape hung at a curved



And appeared out of

The mist and fog,

Seemingly from the

Pages of a fashion



She looked

At my carabao



That’s cheap,

She said


You can get

That anywhere

In the Philippines


And that carabao

Necklace got heavy,

Like a brick


I could barely

Move my neck


And I looked

At her necklace


I thought it was

A carabao horn but my

Eyes were playing

A trick


It was actually

A $500 shoe


(an expensive trick)


And through carabao

Crusted eyes I finally

See that mound of

Carabao shit that had

Eluded me



© 2017 Tony Robles


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