A Different Kind of Cold up in here

That’s what the

Older black man said

As we sat together


Everything was

Cold, even our



Another black man

Stood and snored

Sleeping while on his

Feet, walking a tight wire

Of a dream


There were others

Who snored and moaned

Waiting on a cold bench


It’s a different kind

Of cold up in



An old white

Man moaned with

A bad hip


The cops beat me,

A 64 year old man,

The man said


Were you drinking?
another man asked


“I don’t remember”


And everybody



And we sat

In our orange



And the air in our

Lungs was cold


And there we were

Attempting to warm



Man, I just turned

31 years old, a guy

Said while holding a

Bag of chopped carrots

That came with the plastic

Lunch sack


Happy birthday, another

Guy answered, now, maybe

You can use those carrots to

Make yourself a carrot



And I looked at

The guy, dressed in

Head to toe orange

Looking like a six foot

Two inch carrot


And I sat

On that cold



2 flies

Buzzing over

My head


It’s a different

Kind of cold


Up in



© 2017 Tony Robles


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