At the Movies

On Market Street there

Was a theater where you

Could see 4 or 5 movies

For a buck


They were the same

Movie you could catch in

The afternoons on the TV

During a program called

Dialing for dollars


And during intermission

There’d be a raffle

Of some kind


My father went to

That show when he

Was a kid


He’d say that with a

Quarter you could do

A lot of damage back



You could see a movie,

Get a coke, popcorn,

Hot dogs, an ice cream

And juju fruits


I saw a few movies

With my father and I

Got popcorn, if I was



He once told me,

Go get me some

Bomb bombs


I went to the counter

And asked for

Bomb bombs


The woman at the

Concession stand said,

We don’t have bomb

Bombs, we have “bon-



I paid and brought

Them to my father


On the screen, the cowboys

Were shooting the Indians

As my father opened the

Bomb bombs


The woman said they were

Bon-bons, not bomb bombs

I said


My father looked at me

As the gunfire rang out

Across the movie screen


“I knew that” he said,

Gingerly placing a bon-bon

Into his awaiting mouth


We sat through the

Cowboy movie and the

Raffle and waited for

The war picture to begin



© 2017 Tony Robles



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