Manila Faces

Every face carries
A thousand

Feet that climb
The stairs, a
Thousand stories
Into the sky

Your face brings
Down the skies
And strips naked
The stars

In your face
You hold a
Thousand stories

In your eyes
You carry a
Thousand mountains

One drop from
Your eyes fills
Manila bay

Your mere gestures
Break the chains
Of silence

The slight tilt
Of your head
Turns a question
Mark into a musical

Your face is a
Map of a thousand

Your face is a
Cracked porcelain
Pothole city of
Corrected caricatures
The remnants of

Your face holds
Sunken eyes that
Look into the deepness
Not seen with the
Naked eye

Your face

A clutter
Of gestures

In a glitter
Of traffic

(C) Tony Robles 2017


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