Heart and soul in Makati (For Equipto)

In Makati the
Vendor scoops the
Meat from coconuts

In rows the coconuts
Sit, exposed as the
Vendor bends his ear
Towards the sun

The picture is burned
Into my skin, my memory
My blood as I remember
Walking the streets of
Controlled frenzy towards
The jeepney

And in the jeepney
The pesos change
Hands, moving back
To front and back again

I pass the peso, pressing
My finger into it so as
Not to drop it

and the faces in
The jeepney press
Into me

They read me as I
Try to read them In
The absence of eye
Contact going both ways

In this metal shell of
Color and religious
Icons and parts welded
Together I lose the part
Of me I cannot hide

I get off the jeepney
Realizing I have left
My heart and soul

I chase after

Some 7000
Miles away

(C) 2017 Tony Robles


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