Dumaguete Airport

I carry my life
In 3 bags, 2 of
Which are
Carry on’s

Dumaguete airport

I tried stuffing
Dumaguete in
My bags

I tried stuffing a
Pedicab inside
But no go

I tried to stuff
The nanay store
Into my bag and all
The pepsi’s and candies
That Lola sells behind
The counter

I remember her
Face behind the
Mesh wire and I
Carry her voice in
My head

I’m trying to carry
The chickens I saw
And heard on the
Sides of roads but
They fly through my

I’m trying to
Stuff the nipa hut
I saw in Valencia,
The one I caught in
A glimpse and disappeared
As we sped down the bumpy

I sit in Dumaguete
Airport with the
Sting of the Mindanao
Sea on my tongue

Freshly scanned by
Security, I was informed
That I had a cigarette

But I don’t smoke

I emptied my
Bag, turned it upside

The lighter was

(My cousin loaned me
The bag)

It was confiscated

I re packed my
Bag, less one

Behind a little

(C) Tony Robles 2017


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