Frisco Feelings in Manila

On the balcony of
The hotel in Makati
The buildings in the
Distance do not hold
Back the glitter swallowed
From streaks of light in
Prisms split in a thousand

I jump into the
Frisco light whose
Pools gather below
On the streets of cast
Aside shadows

I leap head first
Into Frisco feelings
Like an unclaimed fish
That escaped the
Intricate weave of net

Frisco feelings
That say, where
You from?

Fleeting Frisco feelings
Whose taste remained
When you got on that
Plane and tried to forget
Frisco for a minute, a

Frisco, your grip is
Tight. Your voice cuts
Through the smog

Frisco feelings
Fermenting in
A bar

A flickering
Neon match

Keeping Frisco
Feelings alive

In Manila

(C) Tony Robles 2017


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