It’s warm inside
Your belly
Your womb
Of Bagoong

You carry us as
We suck the warm
Sticky sweet sour
Air clinging to our

We swim in your
Belly in stillness
That moves the
Entire earth, balancing
Sun and moon and
Disturbing the tides
In the sudden eruptions
Of laughter that leaves
Traces in the form of
Question marks

We cram our stories,
Our lives, our scent, our
Ascent, our descent
Our fluidity and contortions
And resourcefulness in
The area the size of
A coin

Passing from hand
To hand, our fingerprints
A faded record of days
As the exchange continues,
Back and forth, forth and

A glance
A blink
A yawn
A stare

Kept in seams
That aren’t what
They seem as
The sweat collects

The space in your
Womb expands

And you keep
A part of

Before releasing

From your

(C) Tony Robles 2017.


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