The People's Poet Tony Robles–SF Art commission award winning Author of cool don't live here no more and fingerprints of a hunger strike

Poem for the Peddler in Makati


Seeing you every
Day in front
Of the hotel

With your thick
Glasses that can
Spot tourists, men
Who appear to be
Women (only prettier)
And both sides of the
Coin in the distance of
The moon

Everyday asking
Me if I want to buy
A bulova watch

I told you a hundred
Times I didn’t want
To buy your imposter,
Yet authentic looking watch

But then you told
Me you’d toss in
A pack of sexual
Enhancement pills to
Sweeten the deal

Hey man, back
Home this would be
Considered sexual

How much did you
Say you wanted for
That Bulova?

Man, fuck it! I don’t
Need your sexual
Enhancement pills!

And the bulova Sat
In the box and the
Time ticked under
The makati sun

I thought about my
Grandparents who
Got on that ship in
1920-1926 for SF

With no watch
No money

And nothing
But time

And 80 years
Later I am here

And the watches
And sexual enhancement


(C) 2017 Tony Robles