Walk of Fame

Uncle Remy
loved movies
and going to

when i was a kid
he would come
to our house

he was a
cook on a ship

what ship, or ships
i don’t

but he had been
all over the world

he once bought
pig ears from the butcher,
marinaded it in vinegar
and gave me one

it was good

Uncle Remy, you
never knew when
he was pulling your leg

He once called
me, claiming he was
on an overseas phone
from France

and another time
he told me he had a house
in the Philippines and that
a large snake had gotten in
through the bathroom

Both the snake
and overseas phone
stories were corroborated
as true

Uncle Remy loved
his movies and his
tomato beef chow mein

and he loved
to keep you guessing

and in Chinatown we
walked toward a restaurant
after a movie

we moved in the crosswalk
when Uncle Remy stopped
suddenly, as if he’d seen
a ghost

Mr. Van Johnson! Uncle Remy said.

It was a man in a brown overcoat
crossing to the other side
of the street

when he got to the
other side, he turned and
waved to us with both hands

Who’s that? i asked

Uncle Remy’s eyes were
held in some kind of memory

“That’s Van Johnson, he’s a very
famous actor”

We waved

He wasn’t pulling
my leg

(c) 2014 Tony Robles


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