In the Rain

4 black sisters
on the corner, just
coming out of the
Chinese Restaurant
in the lunch hour

wearing sandals, hair
glimmering in any
kind of weather

they speak about
their boss

“Girl, his breff stink
and he don’t take
a shower”

And the black sisters
laughed while waiting
for the light to turn green

and another sister
said, girl, that rain
was comin’ down
last week

and the other sister
said, yeah, that rain
was good for my garden

and the light
faded to green

I’m through with
the rain, said the
sister with the scarf
that had to be silk

Yeah, said another
sister, But the rain
ain’t through with

And I walked
across the street
with the 4 black
sisters while the
light was green

and everything
else faded to black

(c) 2017 Tony Robles


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