The People's Poet Tony Robles–SF Art commission award winning Author of cool don't live here no more and fingerprints of a hunger strike

Shrimp and Grits


The shrimp and grits
were good, they went
down nice and easy
the way they should

Some cheese
some cut tomatoes
and those shrimps
posing front and

shrimp and grits
as good as it gets,
just saying it is like
dropping a net into
the afterworld where
nothing is over or

This soul food restaurant
doin’ up some shrimp
and grits in SF

Mirrors on the wall
vacant of face, absent
of figures in the overall
occupation of seats

But tell me,
where are the soul
people at?

There ain’t no
soul people to go
with these shrimp
and grits

the soul people
ain’t here and
there ain’t no
substitute for pepper

Tell me, how does
one serve up shrimp
and grits without
soul people?

I shake some pepper
on my grits and wait
for the answer

(c) 2017 Tony Robles