Songstress at Powell Street Bart Station

on a high note
on a low note

words woven by a
seamstress of words
who seems to forget
lyrics, whose performances
seem like a series of jumpstarts
and kickstarts that linger
in florescent luminance,
anything but seamless

singing into a plastic
microphone, her child
at her side in a stroller
i only have eyes for
you, she croons
while eyeing
eyes firmly set in faces
with places to go and
people to see

songstress at the
bart station, whose
voice squeaks like a
door closing when
approaching a high note

a voice trapped in
a plastic microphone
her daughter smiles,
and so does she as
those missed notes
search for a place
to be found among
the lost

a man drops
a dollar into
her hat

she smiles
a smile that
is the perfect

bent, but

a smile
hitting the
right note

among the
missed ones

(c) 2017 Tony Robles


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