Massage Parlor in Dumaguete

It seemed like a
tea garden or the
garden of eden or
the land of a thousand
stoic faces steeped in
a silence of scent and
leaves and remnants

you want the
full body, she asked

she wore lots of
make up and struck
me as the aging
daughter of a diplomat

and the curtains
gently rose and fell
as each masseuse
walked by

i was led to a
room and was
told to remove
my pants

i obeyed and lay
flat on my

a male voice

Do you want
it hard, he asked

Don’t do me
any favors, i

there’s also
soft and
moderate, the
voice added

(What about female, i wanted to ask but didn’t)

I’ll take
i responded

and the hands
found the disconnected
bridge of my shoulders
and back as a towel
covered my waist

the hands found
the current of
my blood

hands speaking
a thousand

taking hold
of mountains


in a massage


(c) 2017 Tony Robles


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