Trippin’ over thoughts
Trippin’ over the past
Trippin’ over shoelaces
Trippin’ over yesterday’s news
Trippin’ over the mirrors
That reflect every bad move
Made on the chessboard of
My skin
Trippin’ over the years that
Were hiccups that never
Fully developed
Trippin’ when I should be walking
Trippin’ over the extension cord
Connecting to a record player that
Doesn’t play, radios whose innards
Have been gutted
Trippin’ over empty cans
Whose contents doused the flames
And left a trail that followed
Me into the potholes gasping for
Trippin’ over warrantees and
Warrants that extend over lifetimes
Trippin’ over cigarette butts
And sucked wind
Trippin’ and slippin’ into
Something I can’t get out of
Trippin’ over sentences
Not fully formed
Sentences sent sent
To a detention I still trip
Still trippin’
Don’t trip

© 2018 Tony Robles


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